Bridge Housing management, staff and tenants last night represented the community housing sector with enthusiasm at a major affordable housing rally held in the lead up to the NSW and federal elections. 

Organised by Sydney AllianceVinnies NSW and the Everybody’s Home campaign, the assembly was attended by more than 2,000 people at Sydney Town Hall and is expected to be one of the largest, organised civic events of 2019. It was seeking clear, concrete commitments on affordable housing, household energy and rental reform from politicians across the political spectrum.

Bridge Housing CEO John Nicolades, who gave a short public call to action at the event, said: “This is an expression of grassroots, community concern about housing across Greater Sydney that has engaged community housing providers, community organisations, Church-based organisations, trade unions and many others.”

“This rally is important because it highlights how the issue of housing affordability has become a broad community concern and how it should be important to politicians across the political spectrum.”

“While housing affordability hasn’t been an election campaign issue so far, it is not going away, and whoever forms government after 23 March will, by necessity, need to put in on the agenda.”

“Just because there’s a cyclical dip in housing prices doesn’t mean the problem is addressed. It is estimated that at least 100,000 homes are needed in the next 10 years to meet current demand, let alone future demand.”

Politicians from the major parties and cross benchers in the federal and NSW Parliaments gave short speeches on their affordable housing and energy saving policies and were challenged on their commitments by the conference hosts. 

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