An afternoon tea has been held to celebrate the achievements of this year’s 28 Bridge Housing Advance Scholarship winners.

Advance Scholarships of $750 - $1,500 are open to Bridge Housing tenants and residents who want to improve their employment prospects or improve their children’s experience of school.

Among the latest recipients are:

  • Brittne (pictured), who received a laptop and subscription to Mathseeds
  • Colleen, who received a laptop to assist with her music studies
  • Kelly, who received subscriptions for all her children to MAthseeds
  • Hanh, who received a laptop to help with her audiology course. Once she has completed the course Hanh will be able to take on more duties at work testing people’s hearing!
  • Josephine, who received a laptop to help with her book keeping studies, and
  • Ray, who received camera equipment for his film and media studies course.

Congratulations to all recipients. You have much to be proud of!

Learn more about Advance Scholarships.