180723 BH 025 SocialHousingSocial housing is available to people on fixed or low incomes who cannot afford to own or rent in the private market and is provided at below market rates based on the tenant’s income.

Bridge Housing participates in Housing Pathways, the NSW Government’s single housing application process for people seeking public or community housing, both forms of social housing.

Housing Pathways avoids the duplication of separate waiting lists, and makes it easier, simpler and fairer to apply for housing. A single application form is completed to apply for any kind of housing assistance but you may need to complete additional forms, depending on your circumstances.

The NSW Housing Register is the single waiting list for all public or community housing, managed by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACS). All new applications for housing assistance are logged on the NSW Housing Register.

Prospective tenants will maximise their chances of being allocated a home if they state that they are willing to receive offers of both public and community housing.

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