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Bridge marks 10th anniversary of Apology with respect for our Aboriginal tenants and community

Tue 13, Feb 2018

Today is the 10th anniversary of the then Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd delivering the National Apology to Australia’s Indigenous Peoples, especially the Stolen Generations, on 13th February 2008. The Apology is now considered a defining moment in Australian history.

CEO John Nicolades said: “As part of Bridge Housing’s Reconciliation Strategy, we acknowledge the importance of the Apology. We display the full text of the Apology in our reception area and urge staff and visitors to consider what it means for our indigenous brothers and sisters.”

“While the Apology has significant symbolic importance, its practical application is through the Closing the Gap Reports. As the most recent Closing the Gap Report indicates, there is a long way to go.”

“Bridge Housing makes a small contribution through the delivery of our housing services and ensuring that our services are culturally appropriate and the organisation is respectful of the Aboriginal people we assist and the Aboriginal lands over which we operate,” John said.

The National Apology was delivered in response to the 1997 Human Rights Commission report on the stolen generations in Bringing them Home, recommendation 5a which reads:

5a. That all Australian Parliaments:

1. officially acknowledge the responsibility of their predecessors for the laws, policies and practices of forcible removal,

2. negotiate with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission [ATSIC] a form of words for official apologies to Indigenous individuals, families and communities and extend those apologies with wide and culturally appropriate publicity, and

3. make appropriate reparation as detailed in following recommendations.

Photo: Aboriginal musician and performer Gumaroy Newman


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