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Innovative Sydney Olympic Park partnership

Wed 09, Mar 2016

Bridge Housing has embarked on an innovative partnership with Sydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA) to ensure athletes, park workers and others in the local community can afford to live close to work in western Sydney.

SOPA has developed 50 apartments for rental as affordable housing and will consider more in future housing development in the park. The apartments are integrated in mixed tenure multi-unit developments and built by Ecove to the same high standard as the apartments sold to private investors.

Bridge won SOPA’s tender to manage the affordable housing program on its behalf and has already tenanted 23 apartments.

Mr Nick Hubble, General Manager – Corporate, said: “Our commitment to providing affordable housing in the park means we can support athletes who come to train and compete here and also the essential workers who ensure the park operates as a world-class facility.” 

“We have built these sustainable homes in accordance with the original ‘Green Games’ philosophy for the park, and residents have easy access to public transport, cafes, services and a vibrant precinct.”

“This partnership with Bridge Housing is a win-win because we are each doing what we do best to build a community at Sydney Olympic Park that is inclusive and affordable for a wide range of residents.”

Bridge Housing CEO, Mr John Nicolades, said: “This part of Sydney has become increasingly unaffordable in the past few years and property prices will no doubt continue to rise when the proposed new light rail is completed.” 

“It is vital that we not only increase the supply of affordable housing across Sydney generally but that homes are located in places where people can find jobs, travel to work, have access to local amenities, it is safe for their families and they can participate in their community. These homes we are managing at Sydney Olympic Park tick all those boxes. “

New tenant Joanne Ho said her home is well located for her job in aged care in the inner west and to her children’s school in Concord. “We could not have afforded to live here had it not been offered as affordable housing. The property is in great condition with modern facilities and we love using all the surrounding parkland at weekends.”

This new partnership model for the development and management of affordable housing provides a blueprint for other developers and community organisations.

Watch partnership video.

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