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Building Bridges

Building Bridges explains how Bridge and tenants are working together to deliver a plan of action for community and capacity building, and tenant participation activities.

We are currently developing a new Building Bridges 2018-21 with resident input that will be launched shortly.

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Bridge Housing won 2015 National and NSW Awards for Excellence in Community Housing for Building Bridges at the Australasian Housing Institute awards.


Building Bridges provides guidance for Bridge Housing as an organisation and guidelines for tenants, applicants, staff and community partners about what we can expect from Bridge Housing in key areas.

The Building Bridges Community Action Plan implemented nine new initiatives across the organisation from 2014 to 2017. They introduced many new practices which are now embedded across the organisation and continue to inform the way we work with tenants.


  1. Hand Up Rent Arrears Management Project
  2. Local Links
  3. Good Neighbour Initiative
  4. Tenants in Operations & Planning
  5. Communications Strategy
  6. Streets Ahead
  7. Our Place Green Space
  8. Big Ideas Grants
  9. Bridge in Communities Initiative

Download the full Building Bridges Community Action Plan



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