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Good News Case Studies

Bridge Housing's Bridge to Work Program is putting tenants into jobs and helping them to fulfill their employment dreams. Read some of their stories.

Thomas Fowler

Tom Fowler

Thomas Fowler was recently made redundant at his work due to circumstances beyond his control and applied to join the Bridge to Work program. He hoped to find permanent part-time work in the community services field, specifically working with youth. This aligned closely with his professional studies and his desire to help others. 

Tom applied for a variety of roles, despite not meeting an essential criteria for many: a driver’s license. Through Weave and its Driving Change Program for young people we succeeded in securing free driving lessons for Tom. He then landed a part-time role as a Residential Care Worker with St Laurence House

Tom said: “My time with the Bridge to Work program made a very positive impact on my life. I was consistently reassured that I would attain the goals I had set out for myself and I was supported through every step of the way.”

“I was also relieved of much of the financial stress in my life due to the program’s ‘rent freeze’ policy, which allowed me to think with a clearer head and pursue my goals free from the burden of financial hardship.”

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Sona Derakhti 


Sona is over the moon and in employment thanks to Bridge Housing’s Bridge to Work program.

Having recently completed her studies in Business and Finance, she was looking to find a role in accounts administration. 

We worked on making her CV job ready and streamlined her online presence to enable her to make full use of the internet in her job search. She applied to a variety of firms with her new resume and received a positive result with KPMG, one of her most desired firms. 

Together we prepared for the interview and researched potential questions which Sona said helped immensely in the subsequent interview. Sona has been successful and will start her dream job in early September.

Sona said: “Getting your foot in the door in any industry can be an overwhelming experience though Bridge to Work made it all seem very achievable. Gavin and the team were always welcoming and available for any questions I had and helped me tailor my resume to catch the eye of my current employer.”

Cholok Muorwell


Cholok is a Bridge Housing tenant who joined the Bridge to Work program in July 2018. She had recently migrated to Australia from Sudan and was looking to find part time employment. 

After consultation and review of her work history, we decided to approach an employer with whom she had previously worked on a contract basis. She successfully negotiated another three-month contract with LUSH Cosmetics, working in the production warehouse with an option to extend to six months. 

She is very happy to have found employment with them again and we hope to help her secure a permanent role as we support her in her contract. 

Cholok is very personable and diligent in her work and is looking to possibly become a supervisor during her new placement as she brings with her experience and expertise from her role last year. Cholok has great potential, and with ongoing coaching and mentoring through her contract, we are hopeful that LUSH will provide her with a permanent position.

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