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Paying My Rent

How is my rent calculated?

The rent you are charged and how it is calculated depends on whether your tenancy is managed under a social or an affordable housing program.

Social housing rents

Bridge Housing provides a rental subsidy to eligible households living in social housing. Bridge Housing charges rent in accordance with the NSW Community Housing Rent Policy.

The amount of rent you are charged depends on your individual and household circumstances. In general, tenants are charged at 25% of the household’s income plus 100% of Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA).

Read our Paying Your Rent factsheet.

Read our Rent Policy.

Read our Calculating Your Rent Brochure.

Affordable housing rents

Affordable housing is housing that is appropriate for the needs of a range of very low to moderate income households who are working. In general, housing is usually considered affordable if it costs less than 30% of a household’s gross income.

Bridge Housing manages a number of affordable housing properties under differing rent setting arrangements. In general rent is charged at 74.9% – 80% of the market rent for the area.

For tenants in affordable housing properties, an income eligibility review will be conducted annually to ensure tenants are eligible for the program prior to resigning a lease agreement.

Market rent for affordable housing properties is reviewed annually according to program requirements and tenant’s rents charged accordingly.

Read more about the different affordable housing programs.

Read our Affordable Housing Policy.

Income changes

All tenants must notify Bridge Housing of any change in household income and/or family circumstances within 21 days of the change. Bridge Housing will then reassess your rent subsidy entitlement and/or eligibility based on this change.

Once your rent has been calculated, Bridge Housing will write to you and confirm your new rent charge and you will need to change your rent payments.

If you receive Centrelink payments you will also need to advise Centrelink of your change in income and/or family circumstances so your payments and Commonwealth Rent Assistance payments are reviewed.

Read our Changes to a Household factsheet.

How and when to pay rent

Pay your rent online

Bridge Housing charges rent to tenants on a weekly basis. All tenants must be two weeks in advance at all times to comply with their Residential Tenancy Agreement.

Bridge Housing tenants are encouraged to keep their rent account in advance at all times by paying directly through Centrelink. By doing this, tenants will avoid the risk of owing debt. 

Bridge Housing offers a range of ways for tenants to pay their rent:

  1. Centrepay is the easiest way for social housing tenants to pay directly to Bridge Housing from Centrelink

  2. By automatic bank transfer – contact Bridge Housing for your individual tenant number to pay directly to our bank account

  3. EFTPOS - over the phone or by visiting the Bridge Housing office


For enquiries in relation to refunds of overpaid rent or charges, please contact us at or contact our office on 02 8324 0800.

Rent statements online

Bridge Housing tenants can now securely access their rent and non-rent (water and maintenance) statements online. 

Visit the registration page where you can click on “Register Now” to provide your name, tenant ID and email address for this free, confidential service.

You will continue to receive your rent statements quarterly by post if you sign up for Rent Online. For queries please email or call 8324 0800.

Login here if you are already registered.

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