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White Ribbon

Bridge Housing has begun the accreditation process to address violence against women in our workplace and community through the White Ribbon Australia Workplace Accreditation Program

This award-winning program recognises workplaces that take active steps to prevent and respond to violence. Violence against women impacts on the health and safety of women at work, their personal wellbeing and their productivity.

The new partnership initiative was launched in June 2016 at a staff event at the Redfern Community Centre. Successful completion of the 12-month culture change and accreditation process will lead to Bridge Housing becoming an accredited White Ribbon Workplace by mid- 2017.

The White Ribbon workplace program will build Bridge Housing’s capacity to identify, prevent and respond to violence against women in the workplace and send a very clear signal to all our stakeholders that we have a zero tolerance approach to such violence.

WR launch

Staff at our White Ribbon launch on 22 June 2016

Independent assessors with expertise in organisational development, business management, organisational change, quality improvement, gender equity and accreditation assess workplaces assess organisations undergoing the accreditation process.