Bridge Housing has fee-for-service partnerships with a number of organisations to provide social housing.

We also provide fee-for-service tenancy management services to several private developers under the NSW Government’s Affordable Rental Housing SEPP.

Key fee for service partnerships

Waverley Council

Waverley Affordable Housing Program (WAHP) provides good quality rental apartments at reduced rents to low-to-moderate income households who are in full or part time work. Council has 29 units around Waverley managed by Bridge Housing.

Waverley Housing for Older People (WHOP) provides secure affordable housing for people over 55 years. Council has 51 units managed by Bridge Housing.

Waverley Community Living Program (WCLP) provides independent living skills training and transition support for adults with intellectual disabilities. Bridge Housing manages 11 tenants sharing 7 properties under the program.

City of Canada Bay

In October 2016 Bridge Housing took over management of the affordable housing portfolio of the City of Canada Bay. The 27 homes in the inner west are prioritised for health workers including those on moderate-to-low incomes at nearby Concord Hospital.

The Settlement

The Settlement is a multicultural centre, with particular emphasis on supporting individuals who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, based in Redfern. Bridge Housing provides tenancy services to support tenants living in some 10-12 homes in the area.