Bridge Housing’s wellbeing approach puts tenants at the heart of our service delivery and underpins our tenancy management approach.  Learn more about our Tenant Wellbeing Policy

Our approach

  • Housing Managers undertake eight week visits for all new tenancies, an annual wellbeing check to monitor tenant welfare, and a tailored home visit schedule is developed that responds to vulnerabilities in the tenancy. 
  • We use a structured referral process backed up by strong referral pathways and support partnerships to ensure tenants get the services they need to sustain tenancies and meet their goals. 
  • Annual property inspections ensure properties are at standard and property care issues are proactively addressed. 
  • We adopt a structured approach to exit planning from our housing programs. We work with our support partners to ensure tenants are aware of the range of housing options available and supported in their exit.

Read our Tenant Wellbeing Fact Sheet


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