Bridge Housing has two head contractors responsible for delivering repairs and maintenance services to our properties.

Our lawns, grounds and common area cleaning contractor is Australian Facilities Landscapes. Northern Beaches properties remain under current Land and Housing Corporation maintenance contract until June 2021. For information on garden maintenance visit

We also work with a range of other contractors who provide fire safety, gas safety, electrical safety, locksmith, arborist, and other specialist services.

All tenant requests for repairs and maintenance must be made to Bridge Housing (for tenants in the Northern Beaches, requests for repairs must be made directly to Broadspectrum). You can find contact details on our Report a Repair page.

Tenants can request a repair by phoning 02 8324 0800 or via our online system

Learn how to idenfity our contractors.


Identifying our contractors 

For tenants’ safety and peace of mind, our contractors and staff carry identification that states their name and employer. Tenants should never let anyone into their home unless they can identify them. If a tenant is concerned they should call us for advice on 02 8324 0886.

Business Ethics Code of Conduct 

Bridge Housing has a Statement of Business Ethics and Code of Conduct for contractors who undertake work on our behalf.

Our Code of Conduct sets out the standards contractors must deliver to our tenants and is designed to ensure long term and mutually beneficial working relationship are developed and maintained between contractors, staff and tenants.