Bridge Housing works with tenants to ensure their homes and the surrounding environment are as safe as possible. Please contact us immediately on 02 8324 0886 if you think there may be a serious safety risk in your home.

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Fire safety

Bridge Housing has an annual fire safety program of works. This means your home and environment will be inspected for compliance with safety regulations once a year at a minimum.

Please contact us immediately on 02 8324 0800 if you think there may be a serious safety risk in your home.

Fire hazards

  • If you live in a block of units, fire regulations (as defined by law) require that no boxes, cartons, chairs, tables, bikes, scooters, billycarts etc. are placed in the paths of travel to an exit (including landings and alcoves). Similarly, no materials are to be stored under the stairs.
  • If you are responsible for looking after the lawns and gardens of your property you must remove any undergrowth that could be potential fire hazard, including dead vegetation and leaves.
  • If there is significant undergrowth on a property that could make the property susceptible to fire, we will contact you and ask for its removal. If you do not remove the material as agreed, then you will be responsible for the cost of removing it.

Lift maintenance

Bridge Housing has an ongoing lift maintenance program of works to ensure that lifts in properties owned by us are safe and well maintained.

All lifts have, at a minimum, an annual inspection carried out by the contractor who services your block, this inspection is carried out by law.

To report any ongoing issues or concerns with the lift in your block please call us on 02 8324 0800 and we will deal with the matter promptly.