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Support & assistance

Bridge Housing has a strong customer service focus. We aim to assist tenants and applicants find the right information, answers to their questions, staff member to talk to, or service provided by support partners or other community organisations.

My Tenancy

Bridge Housing has clear policies in place for how we charge tenants rent on their properties, based on the housing program and tenant income. We also provide information on how to deal neighbours, to make a complaint or appeal a decision.

My Community

Tenants come to Bridge Housing from all walks of life and all backgrounds. They are activists, artists, parents, volunteers and workers. They are community members, elders, leaders, survivors and everyday people with rights and responsibilities.

Get Involved

We encourage tenants to get involved in Bridge Housing activities and forums. Bridge Housing offers a wide range of opportunities to have a say, give feedback, help formulate policy, celebrate achievements and get to know staff and your community.

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