Bridge Housing staff volunteered this week at The Settlement, which houses indigenous families in inner Sydney.

They donated plants and gardening tools to do a makeover on most of The Settlement garden at Edward St, Darlington, cleaned up the storage room to create more space for activities, and prepared the room for The Settlement's AGM to be held on 31 October.

All Bridge Housing staff are encouraged to participate in one volunteering day per year. 

Read what The Settlement had to say about our volunteering

"I want to say massive Thank You for you and your teams support for the Working Bee last Wednesday 24th October 2018.  We were able to not only rejuvenate the entire garden but also give our Art Room the BEST clean out its had in a long time and now we are able to use the space for social, cultural and educational workshops for the community in a unique and special space.  We were touched by the passion and enthusiasm your team showed whilst doing amazing (and at times a little messy) tasks. The team spent the day laughing and motivating each other and it was such a pleasure to watch.  We even had a staff member bring a succulent from her own garden to give a part of herself to the Settlement.  The gardens and Art Room are already being utilised and have already made a difference in program delivery. 

Without the support of Bridge Housing and working bees like these we wouldn’t be able to have capacity to ensure we have the most optimum space to run exciting and engaging programs for the community."

Phoebe Ferguson
Senior Youth Programs Worker