Jo Anne was one of HomeGround Real Estate Sydney’s very first tenants and it has been a marriage made in heaven! 

Having long rented in an increasingly expensive private rental market, for Jo Anne the prospect of a beautiful new affordable housing home at below market rent hardly seemed possible. 

“Our previous experience was in the private rental market which was very expensive and only seemed to increase every year”, she said.

“It’s taken a lot of pressure off me in the last 12 months. I’ve been playing catch up with regards to my bills. As of a week ago, I’m up to date with my bills which is a first in a long time. I find the whole thing with the reduced rent has helped me achieve that.”

Jo Anne says the layout and location of the brand new apartment in south west Sydney are ideal for her family’s needs. “My reaction when I walked into this home was one of amazement.”

HomeGround Real Estate Sydney has been fantastic and I can only speak wonderful words of Terry. I have been treated with the utmost respect.”

HomeGround Real Estate Sydney Manager Licensee Terry Livingstone said: “Jo Anne and her family are great tenants who have embraced their local community, maintain their home in immaculate condition and work cooperatively with us to manage their tenancy.”

Watch a video of Jo Anne.

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